Design Build

It can be a magical experience to take a concept and turn it into the new design for your home. Whether you are in the process of building a new home or restoring an old home, we would love to help with the design-build process to make sure that the finished product turns out exactly as you have imagined.

The historical homes in Washington DC require special skills and expertise, because many of them include unique woodworking and custom features that need to be preserved. It is important to protect the integrity of the original historical features, while updating and renovating the home at the same time.

Change Your Home, Change Your Life

We understand the impact that a home renovation can have on your life, and our goal is to help you have an enjoyable time as you are planning the new features for your home. By working with our craftsmen and designers, you can create any features that you would like to have in your home.

During the design process, we will ask the right questions and find the right concepts to get a good understanding about the style and features that you would like to create. Once we have captured your dream in the design phase, then we will work diligently to build high quality features.

Types of Design-Build Projects

The design-build process can be used on any area of your home, including both indoor and outdoor projects. Sometimes we assist with individual woodworking projects, such as kitchen cabinet renovation, cabinet design, bathroom design, decks, outdoor living spaces, and more.

Or, if you are looking to renovate the entire home, then we can assist with the bigger projects as well. During this renovation, we can update the home with modern features, while still preserving the history of the building.

At Joel Truitt Builders, Inc. we can help you turn your home designs into reality. Contact us to learn more about how the design-build process can be used for your home.